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Growth / precocious puberty


Find the key to proper growth

Our growth program does not only focus on making the children grow taller but also on enhancing their overall health. It is important to make sure they consume proper nutrition, get enough sleep and maintain overall health so that they are in the best condition to properly grow.

Your child needs the growth program if he/she:

  • is noticeably shorter/smaller than other children of the same age

  • is in the 25th percentile for height

  • has grown less than 1.5 inches in the past year

  • frequently gets tired


Precocious puberty rate has increased 3-fold over 5 years

Environmental factors and childhood obesity have contributed to increased incidences of precocious puberty. Precocious puberty is puberty occurring at an unusually early age and is closely related to growth. Due to the work of estrogens, girls experience breast growth and simultaneously enter their rapid growth period. They usually stop growing within 2-3 years of their menarche (first menstrual period). They may be shorter than others when they become adults if they hit their rapid growth period too early.

Your child needs the growth program if he/she:

  • has a pot belly

  • is considered chubby

  • is under 8 years old and has breast buds

  • is taller than other children of the same age

  • her mother started her first menstrual period early


Herbal medicine​


Personalized herbal medicine specially prescribed for your child's growth.

Acupuncture treatment


Acupuncture stimulates acupressures for increased release of growth hormones and reduced growing pains.

Child Gong Jin Dan

It is good for children who lack energy or grow very slowly.

There is also a different version of Gong Jin Dan for improving memory and concentration. It is also good for brain development.

Growth ointment


It is formulated with ingredients that help boost growth. It is to be massaged over skin at the growth plate location.

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