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​Excessive body heat and improper nutrition may cause eczema

Childhood eczema is a skin inflammatory condition caused by allergies. There are many debates over the cause of childhood eczema. However, it is clear that excessive body heat, skin irritation, and malfunction of the immune system often resulting from fast food consumption affect eczema conditions. If left untreated until adulthood, eczema becomes harder to treat. Thus, it is very important to treat it as soon as possible.

Eczema and digestive system

Body heat and eczema are closely related to the digestive system. The mucous membrane of the intestines in children is not fully functional. Thus, chunks of proteins may be absorbed undigested, which may cause allergies. Children with excessive body heat or eczema need to have a check-up on their digestive system and receive a proper treatment that boosts it.


Your child needs eczema treatment if he/she:

  • scratches body excessively while sleeping

  • feels itchy every time he/she sweats

  • has food allergies

  • scratches the same spot too much that it turns red and becomes a scar

  • experiences the same symptom over a month

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