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​Does your child suffer from common colds, allergy, asthma, rhinitis, or eczema?


Hold off on those antibiotics and fever medicines.

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics and fever medicines may cause your child to be more susceptible to colds and allergies. 

Do not give your child an antibiotic until it becomes really necessary. Let your child's natural immune system fight off the cold. It will enhance the immune system in return.

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Step 1. Alleviate symptoms

​Step 2. Treat symptoms

Step 3. Boost immune system


  • Hereditary childhood rhinitis

It is usually too early to diagnose children with rhinitis until after they are 4 years old. However, if it repeatedly bothers them or they have a family history of it, they can be diagnosed with it before then. If one parent has allergies, the chance increases by 50%. If both have them, the chance increases by 75%. Do not leave your child exposed to the genetic rhinitis.


  • Congestion affects brain function

Childhood rhinitis may not only affect their overall health but also their academic performance. Children are more prone to lose concentration and get distracted if they suffer from symptoms of rhinitis such as difficulty breathing, continuous nasal discharge, and a headache. Childhood rhinitis may also lead to stunted growth or develop into a chronic rhinitis, so preventive and treatment measures are very important.


  • Rhinitis/sinusitis care program for improving the immunity of the respiratory system

Our immediate goal is to alleviate the symptoms of rhinitis but we ultimately focus on strengthening the nasal mucous membrane and boosting the immune system.

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